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Edheads provides free educational games that are fun and motivational. Annually, over 12 million teachers, parents and students rely on Edheads to explain hard-to-grasp concepts in an engaging way.

  • Research has shown that educational gaming gives students advantages in educational and work settings.

  • Educational gaming can give students a reason to stay in school and an interest in a career when they leave school.

  • Edheads brings STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) to students. This has been defined by the federal government as a critical area of need for the past 10 years.

Edheads provides students, families and schools that need quality educational materials our games and simulations for free – no trying to get money out of a tight budget or skipping a great opportunity because the money is just not there. Check out the list below to see what your money will do for Edheads:

  • $5 donation – this allows Edheads to provide the Simple Machines activity FREE to 2,080 elementary students to use in their schools or homes. Over 4 million students use the activity every year, which meets state and national educational standards and helps students understand so they can succeed in school.

  • $25 donation – this allows 20,000 high school students to learn about anatomy and highly paid, in-demand careers by using one of the surgery activities. Or, it also allows patients facing these surgeries to learn more about them, leading to better surgical outcomes. Bet you didn't know you could impact that many people with $25, did you? Edheads is an extremely cost effective way to bring education to schools and families.

  • $500 donation - allows Edheads to host an annual, extended teacher focus group to discuss where we need to go next and to get fabulous feedback to improve existing activities and to create new ones.

  • Donation of $1,000 or more – this amount can help begin to fund a new activity, which typically cost between $50,000 and $100,000 each. These activities reach millions of people every year, give students new approaches to their science curriculum and new ideas of potential careers. That's a huge impact! Or, this amount would also support the hosting costs of one activity like Simple Machines for one whole year, impacting over 4 million students!

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