Our Donors

Edheads would like to thank the following businesses and people who have given generously to support our site and our mission.

Bill and Mary Wheatley

$500 - $999
Mary Mackay & Edward Wheatley
Jason Elvers

$200 - $499
Scott Schweitzer
Amanda Shaw
Gene Wheatley

$100 - $199
David Ball
Carla Renemans
Angie Williams

$50 - $99
Rebecca Bagnall
Bobbie Bowling
Chrissie McKinnon
Davidson High School Anatomy Class

$25 - $49
Jenn Barlup
Mark Everson
Joan Harless
Lisa Price
Carla Renemans
Sarah Smail

Up to $25
Sue B
Dave Briley
Deborah Fisher
Jill Perkey
Venu Pillai
Traci Weaver
Angie Williams

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