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Activity Home Teacher's Guide Glossary Credit & Thanks

Credits and Thanks

Project Management and Research:

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Anne Douglas - Research

Mike Smail - Voice Acting

Mount Carmel East Hospital:

  • Dr. Joel Politi - Content Resource and Accuracy
  • Jeremy Daugherty - Content Resource and Accuracy

DePuy Orthapedics Inc. :

  • Stacie Matrka - Content Resource and Accuracy
Project Production and Development:

Project Director
Gail Wheatley

- Research
- Script Writing
- Activity Idea & Concepts

Creative Director
Eric Bort

- Programming
- Lead 2D & 3D   Development

Hillary Bort
- Voice Script

Additional Development provided by
Clearly Trained

We have many people to thank!

Edheads + COSI Virtual Knee Surgery is presented by the SBC Excelerator grant. Thanks for the generosity and support!

The following school districts and personnel were instrumental in helping us produce the Virtual Knee Surgery:

  • Westerville City Schools, Westerville, Ohio
  • Adams County/Ohio Valley Schools, Ohio

Westerville Teachers
Carla Noll
Bill Kulju
Janet Pritchard
Jill Ponzi
Robb Stranges

Adams County/Ohio Valley School Teachers
David Worley
Larry Anderson
Mary Young
Jacqueline Brown
Regina Boling
Rhonda Mason

We can't mention them all by name, but we sure appreciated the time and comments of the 30+ Westerville students who helped test Virtual Knee Surgery.

Thanks for the ideas, creativity, fun, and class time!